09 Nov

The oldest form of tribute that has been associated with funerals has been the placement and arrangement of flowers during a funeral set up. It is an ancient practice that has been documented by Dr. Ralph Solecki. The documentation was on Shandiar cave burial site found in Northern Iraq. According to his documentation, there was evidence of religious activity of human's burial processes during the era of the cave people. And according to his research there was evidence that people at the time did use flowers as a symbol of the departed ones. This then brings us to the discussion of the importance the flower arrangement has been in funerals.

The symbolism of the flowers in funerals is all about the human life cycle that is when one is born to the time when one dies. In death, the placement of flowers symbolizes the beauty of creation that is temporary. The flower from the time it is cut from its parent stem to the life it exists till dry up simply mirrors the human short span life. The use of flowers has an aesthetic value in the face of death. The flower plays a major role in bringing a balance to our emotions response to mask the cruelty brought about by death. The presence of flowers helps mitigate the raw image data that death could have impacted on the humans left behind. That is why it is important that we look into the meaning of the different colors of flowers. The purple flower symbolizes royalty and pertinence. This kind of flower arrangement is associated with penitential seasons of Lent and Advent. The white flower symbolizes celebration and joyous mood. You will mostly see this floral arrangement during Easter and Christmas celebrations. The green flower symbolizes freshness in growth, thus the green in cemeteries. The green flowers will mostly be used during Epiphany Pentecost. The red flower symbolizes blood and fire and is used on Pente-cost and days meant to show that the Holy Spirit similar to Christ's blood that was to show the sacrifice that martyrs underwent. The flowers were used to commemorate these heroes of the time. Buy quality wedding flowers or funeral flowers.

From time immemorial the use of flowers was meant to control obnoxious and offensive odor emanating from the body decomposition. That is why flowers were used in Shandiar cave burials many ages ago. Hence the benefit of having flowers in funerals included the value of belief that some special information was portrayed using flowers in funerals. Flowers to have sentimental value when issued as a charity in supporting the course of the church. Sentiment carries the instinct, feeling, and ideas of a complex organization. The sentiment shows we as human have needs in terms of sympathy at this critical moment of death.  Flowers are meant to lend a supporting base to those in grief. Other time flowers are meant to show that though departed they are still in our memory. You can read more details on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/09/11/wedding-flowers-5-tips-for-choosing-yours_n_7322794.html.

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